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Head Office : ABUDHABI


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Branch Office: DUBAI


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Field mounted instruments provide monitoring and control to final control devices.

Transducers, controllers, volume boosters, solenoids and switches are used to monitor and control flow, temperature, and pressure and level variables in the process industry.

Automation and Control
Alnair supplies to the oil and gas production and processing industries, Petrochemical industries that require the automation systems, software and services to run operations productively. We deliver complete electrical and automation systems to the oil & gas and petrochemical projects.

Flow Instrumentation
Alnair offers a comprehensive suite of Flow Instrumentation for almost every conceivable industrial fluid. Accurate, Reliable Flow Measurement is critical to the success of any process control scheme.

Instrumentation and Tools 
Alnair offers complete range of instrumentation and tools mainly for drilling and exploration operations. We provide both simple and traditional tool and a modern electronic instrumentation system. We supply a complete product range for many different applications.

Laboratory Equipment
We offer a wide variety of test equipment used to test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data.

Measuring Instruments
Alnair supplies instrumentation for accurate process measurement to the oil and gas industry. Our supplies include UV photometric analyzers, electrolytic moisture analyzers, quartz crystal moisture analyzers, quadrupole mass spectrometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, and trace oxygen analyzers.

Offshore Instrumentation

Process and Control Equipment
Alnair provides a wide range of instrumentation - Pressure Measurement Products for Pressure, Flow and Level applications, etc.

We offer Industrial Flow Meters, Flow Switches and Flow Instrumentation which are tough, simple, and accurate, and are suitable for metering water, oils, coolants, compressed air and gases, vacuum, combustion gases and atmospheres, steam, acids etc.